Goats Rearing Under Islamic Teachings and its Profitable Impact on Agricultural Economics
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Halal (permissible to use in Islam) Barakah (blessing) Goats Rearing (foaming)

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Rahman , A.- ur, Badshah, S. N. ., Khan, J. ., & Ayaz, M. (2012). Goats Rearing Under Islamic Teachings and its Profitable Impact on Agricultural Economics. Asian Journal of Agriculture and Rural Development, 2(2), 235–237. Retrieved from http://archive.aessweb.com/index.php/5005/article/view/552


This article is written on goat rearing animal based agricultural economy, Goats rearing has been given preferences and admitted as source of to end poverty and assorted blessing as mentioned in Hadith. Because blessing Barakat means increase. Therefore goat has got such characteristic to give enhance breeding. For example, goat has the potential to give birth one to three offspring twice a year. It has been examined that goat breeds one to three offsprings twice a year; in this way a goat breeds at average of four offsprings per year. Goat meat has low quantity of fats and considered as quality meat, and the milk of goat is considered as best and the substitute of mothers milk for the infants, On this account, it is suggested that philanthropists, government and non-governmental organizations should focus on goat farming and should provide the goat to the low income rural population so that their income may be increased. Capitalists (rich persons) can start goat farming not only to establish profitable business and to improve the personal and national economy but also to provide meat and milk for society.

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