Agricultural financing and economic performance in the Obudu local government area of cross River State, Nigeria
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Agricultural credit scheme, Agricultural financing, Analysis of variance, Economic performance, Interest rate regulation, Obudu LGA.

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Ndem, B. E. ., Walter, M. H. ., Ovat, O. O. ., Henry, J. T. ., & Peter, L. M. . (2023). Agricultural financing and economic performance in the Obudu local government area of cross River State, Nigeria. Asian Journal of Agriculture and Rural Development, 13(1), 39–48.


One of the challenges facing agricultural sector development in Nigeria is inadequate financing by the government and financial institutions. This poor agricultural funding has an impact on economic activities. Thus, this study investigated the connection between agricultural funding and economic performance in Cross Rivers State's Obudu Local Government Area (LGA). The survey study methodology was employed, and a questionnaire was used as its primary data source, combined with a stratified sample technique. The targeted population was restricted to farmers and agriculturalists in the study area. Descriptive statistics, such as frequency and percentages tables, were calculated, and the data gathered from the questionnaire were compiled, computed, and analysed. The results of hypothesis testing showed a relationship between agricultural finance and economic performance, as well as a connection between agricultural credit schemes and agricultural sector expansion, using analysis of variance (ANOVA) as the statistical technique. They also showed that credit programmes for agricultural finance encourage the expansion of the agricultural sector, which improves economic performance, as manifested in economic growth and development. The study recommends, firstly, that the government release grants to farmers at regular intervals to support their activities. Secondly, it is necessary to raise the level and size of agricultural loans through the reduction of interest rates to allow for more economic development in the country. The government should implement an effective and efficient supervisory framework to monitor interest rate regulation within the agricultural loan policy.
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