The livelihood of farmers cultivating fire-prone peatlands: Keeping the ecology and economy sustainable
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Farmer, Financial assets, Fire-prone, Human assets, Livelihood, Natural assets, Peatland, Physical assets, Social assets.

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Arisanty, D. ., Hastuti, K. P. ., Alviawati, E. ., Aristin, N. F. ., Angriani, P. ., Abbas, E. W. ., Syahril, & Muhaimin, M. . (2023). The livelihood of farmers cultivating fire-prone peatlands: Keeping the ecology and economy sustainable. Asian Journal of Agriculture and Rural Development, 13(3), 215–224.


The purpose of this research was to analyze the livelihood of farmers on fire-prone peatlands and their efforts to maintain their sustainable livelihoods. The study took place in Banjarbaru, Indonesia, a fire-prone peatland area. Our 251 samples were farmers cultivating the peatland. The variables measured in this study were livelihood assets, including human assets, social assets, natural assets, physical assets, and financial assets. We employed classification and principal component analysis. The findings revealed that physical and natural assets played the most significant roles in ensuring the sustainability of farmers’ livelihoods in the fire-prone peatland. Human assets also played an important role because the farmers have been cultivating peatlands for a long time, giving them the skills and knowledge for sustainable and zero-burning peatland management. Peatlands managed by farmers have a low fire potential because farmers protect their land from burning. Social and financial assets did not play significant roles because the farmers did not take advantage of the existing cooperatives and farmer groups. Increasing the role of cooperatives and farmer groups would improve people's livelihoods by increasing the contribution of social and financial assets. Sustainable peatland cultivation as a productive space has proven beneficial for preventing fires on peatlands (ecology) and livelihoods (economy).
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