Theoretical Treatment of Krypton Ion Beam Bombardement in Zinc Target
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Freeman ion source, Krypton ion beam applications, SRIM program.

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Abdelraheem, A., Abdelrahman, M., & El-Khabeary, H. (2014). Theoretical Treatment of Krypton Ion Beam Bombardement in Zinc Target. Journal of Asian Scientific Research, 4(5), 230–238. Retrieved from


The manuscript reports a study of Kr ion implantation in a Zn target in the 10-50 keV energy range at different source parameters, which combines experimental data and simulation with the SRIM package. The implanted thickness for the 45 keV was found to be 10 µm. The ion penetration depths for different films at different energies (10-50 keV) were calculated using SRIM computer program and found to be 100 Å at 10 keV and 475 Å at 40 keV. Theoretical calculations using SRIM-2000 have been performed to investigate the ion range. The dependence of ion beam currents on the accelerating voltage is given at discharge current equal to 0.8A and for various pressures. The krypton ion beam current reaches 3mA at 45KV for a pressure of 2 x 10-5Torr and a cathode current equal to 130A. An analysis has been made for an implanted krypton ion beam in a zinc specimen using laser ablation inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry. Photographs show the examined zinc specimens are presented. The depth profile shows that the highest concentration of krypton ions under the surface of the zinc specimen is located at about 10 µm.

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