Domination in Rhombus Chessboard
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Chessboard, Kings, Bishops, Rooks, Domination number

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EL-Seidy, E. ., & Omran, A. A. (2014). Domination in Rhombus Chessboard. Journal of Asian Scientific Research, 4(5), 248–259. Retrieved from


In this article, we are interested in the problem of dominance in the chessboard with square cells. Beginning we will examine this problem on one piece of the chess pieces. In certain technique, we will continue to study the problem of domination in two different pieces. In the case of one piece, chess pieces which we will deal with in this article are rooks, bishops, and kings. The pieces of the two different types in our study are: kings with rooks, kings with bishops, and rooks with bishops. If possible, we will identify the number of different ways to place the minimum number of domination (total solution).

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