Net Positive Energy Buildings in Architectural Context
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Building design, Building performance, Climate-sensitive design, Energy performance, Net positive energy, New generation buildings, Sustainable design.

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Takva, C. ., Caliskan, B. N. ., & Cakici, F. Z. . (2022). Net Positive Energy Buildings in Architectural Context. Journal of Asian Scientific Research, 12(3), 135–145.


Considering the rapid depletion of natural resources because of increasing comfort conditions in living spaces and increasing expectations from buildings due to developing technology and climate change, today it has become inevitable to develop effective policies to meet the energy demand of buildings and to create renewable and sustainable systems. In this context, new generation building design in architecture requires regulations that reduce energy consumption, protect natural resources while considering climatic conditions and carbon emissions. In this study, buildings with net-positive energy were evaluated with the comparative analysis method and inferences were made for new generation building designs. In the first step, the properties of buildings with net-positive energy are discussed. Then, it is aimed to evaluate the buildings in which the design principles determined for a positive energy building are applied according to these features. In this context, ten buildings, which can produce more energy than the energy they consume and whose designs were made by considering the energy criteria developed according to different climatic regions, were examined. It is aimed the outcomes of this study to raise awareness against building design concepts with net-positive energy and contribute to raise the number of buildings designed with energy concepts.
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