Teacher Readiness towards the Use of Mobile Learning for Dyslexia Student: A Survey in Malaysia
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Teacher readiness, M-Learning, Dyslexia, Gender, Malaysia, Possibilities, Benefit, Preferences, External influencers.

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Ibrahim, R. ., Abdullah, N. ., Razalli, A. R. ., Bitz, M. ., & Anal, A. binti . (2021). Teacher Readiness towards the Use of Mobile Learning for Dyslexia Student: A Survey in Malaysia. International Journal of Asian Social Science, 11(6), 278–285. https://doi.org/10.18488/journal.1.2021.116.278.285


The education system in Malaysia has undergone a process of transformation. Recently, mobile learning (m-learning) has become a trend in education in this country. Face-to-face teaching and learning have shifted to online. However, research on the use of Mobile Learning (M-Learning) is still limited. Therefore, this study aims to identify the readiness of teachers towards the use of M-Learning for dyslexia students in terms of (i) Possibilities, (ii) Benefits, (iii) Preferences and (iv) External Influencers. Furthermore, this study also aims to identify the differences between teachers' readiness and gender towards M-Learning for dyslexia students. A total of 172 teachers throughout Malaysia have participated in this quantitative study. This online survey uses the Mobile Learning Readiness Survey (MLRS) instrument. The analysis methods in the research are mean, standard deviation and t-test. The data obtained were analyzed using Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS) version 23.0. Overall, the study's findings of teacher readiness towards M-Learning for dyslexia students are low. The result is low because of 1) teacher-centered, 2) lack of knowledge about dyslexia, 3) lack of teachers' knowledge of pedagogical integration in m-learning, and 4) lack of dyslexia-related training. In addition, the findings also show that there is no difference significant difference between teacher readiness and gender. Thus, this study shows that teachers in Malaysia need training and courses related to M-learning and Dyslexia. This action can improve the quality of teacher pedagogy and academic performance among dyslexia students.

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