The Empirical Study of Graduates’ Leadership and Career: The Case of Mongolia
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Leadership, Career, Knowledge management, Professional skills, Professional capacity, Quality of curriculum and education, School of border service, University of internal affairs, Mongolia.

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Tsogtsuren, B. ., Tsevegsuren, O. ., Galbadrakh, L. ., & Byambaarai, Y. . (2022). The Empirical Study of Graduates’ Leadership and Career: The Case of Mongolia. International Journal of Asian Social Science, 12(7), 230–237.


This study aims to examine the correlation between knowledge management, professional skills, professional capacity, quality of curriculum and how graduates’ issues are assessed with their leadership and career. We attempt to evaluate the graduates’ leadership and career of the Border Office School at the University of Internal Affairs, Mongolia (UIAM). This study was conducted via online channel from 326 respondents, who work at the Border Protection Organization, which made it possible to compare some of the results. We used SMART PLS-3.0 and SPSS-25.0 a qualitative research program, Cronbach's alpha (α coefficient), (T statistic) and (P values) were used to measure the data in this study. We analyzed metrological, correlational, multifactorial and path analysis to agree with the study of other scholars’ attention onto how factor variables affect graduates' leadership and career impacts. Four independent variables with various factors were identified and measured using a five-point scale ranging from 1 (strongly disagree) to 5 (strongly agree) on each two dependent variables. The results of our study indicated positive impact of knowledge management, professional capacity, professional skills and quality of curriculum on graduates' leadership. Besides, our paper provides evidence to suggest that knowledge management, professional capacity and professional skills focus on enhancing skills of the graduates' career.
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