A Portrait of the Creative Economy Sub-Sector in the Growth Triangle Area
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Analytic hierarchy process, Creative economy, Economic subsectors, Growth triangle area, Economic growth, Priority criteria, Indonesia, Jambi.

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Zevaya, F. ., Putri, R. ., Asrori, K. ., Fitria, M. ., Asfahani, F. R. ., & Afrianita, S. . (2022). A Portrait of the Creative Economy Sub-Sector in the Growth Triangle Area. International Journal of Asian Social Science, 12(12), 520–529. https://doi.org/10.55493/5007.v12i12.4688


The aim of the current paper is to analyze other potentials of the creative economy sub-sector in the growth triangle area. The growth triangle area is a strategic location located in the growth triangle area of Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore (IMS-GT) and very close to the Straits of Malacca (80 miles). Its location is in Jambi province. In addition to culinary, crafts and fashion as the leading creative economy sub-sectors in Jambi Province, the Analytic Hierarchy Process is used to determine other potential creative economy sub-sectors that may be able to expand. The result shows that the subsectors with the best criteria are 1) Film 2) Application and Games 3) Music 4) Photography 5) Publishing 6) Performing arts 7) The fine Arts. which developed independently and were not exist in previous research. Theoretical concepts and practical research are connected in this paper The Jambi province government will find this research helpful in developing best policies to accelerate the development of another potential creative economy sub-sector. The novel studies presented seven sub-sectors of the creative economy that are priorities in Jambi Province with the original priority criteria are as follows 1) Culture 2) Finance 3) Infrastructure, 4) Gross Domestic Product 5) Market Share 6) Share the Workforce.

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