Organizational factors and organizational commitment among Malaysian naval personnel
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Naval personnel, Navy, Organizational commitment, Organizational factors.

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Desa, N. M. ., Asaari, M. H. A. H. ., & Ibrahim, M. I. A. . (2023). Organizational factors and organizational commitment among Malaysian naval personnel. International Journal of Asian Social Science, 13(7), 190–203.


Employee commitment to the organization is influenced by management support. Management support is to ensure a better work culture in an organization because management plays an important role in terms of physical and emotional employees. This paper explores the organizational factors, namely leadership styles, promotions, workloads, and workplace facilities in regards to organizational commitment among navy personnel in a naval base. A self-administered questionnaires have been deployed among navy personnel in getting their responses on leadership styles, promotions, workloads, workplace facilities, and organizational commitment. The implication of the study can be seen that naval personnel will give the commitment to the organization if the leader's leadership styles, workload, and facilities in the workplace are given and provided. The results show a significant relationship between leadership styles, workplace facilities, and workloads with organizational commitment; but promotion opportunities show insignificant with organizational commitment. Interestingly, naval personnel states that workloads have no impact on their organizational commitment.  On the other hand, naval personnel also states that leadership styles, workloads, and workplace facilities have impacts on their organizational commitment.
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