The Innovative of Anxiety Disorder Healing: Nutri Moringa Pudding for HIV/AIDS-Infected Patients
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Anxiety, Moringa pudding, HIV/AIDS, GABA.

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Martatino, I. Y. ., Habibie, R. ., Sahrah, A. ., & Wardhana, A. A. . (2014). The Innovative of Anxiety Disorder Healing: Nutri Moringa Pudding for HIV/AIDS-Infected Patients. International Journal of Asian Social Science, 4(11), 1100–1109. Retrieved from


Anxiety disorder is a common psychologically symptom in HIV/AIDS-infected patients. These disorders include panic disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Among HIV/AIDS-infected patients receiving medical care, 20.3% have been found to have an anxiety disorder, with 12.3% meeting the criteria for panic disorder, 10.4% for PTSD, and 2.8% having generalized anxiety disorder. Patients with other psychiatric disorders, such as adjustment disorders, major depression, psychosis, or substance use disorders, can also present with significant anxiety. Medication such as antidepressant (benzodiazepines) has negative effect to solve this problem. Recent studies showed that gamma amino butyric acid (GABA) is also important on decreasing of anxiety. Moringa Pudding is a new innovation was combined between pudding with M. oleifera extract plant in psychotherapeutic. It has shown the most effective treatment of anxiety disorder’s healing. Moringa Pudding contained GABA largely 10mg/kg M. oleifera extract as an inhibitory neurotransmitter in CNS. This study examined the effects of Moringa Pudding on decreasing of anxiety disorder. The research subject is determined by the purposive sampling and it was conducted on HIV/AIDS patient. A pretest with the anxieties scale followed by first group (n=50), then selected a sample that has the highest anxiety score (n=30) and they will be the subjects. The result of the post-test by Paired Sample t- test analysis (SPSS 19) with a value oft= 0.008 or P <0.05, where theresults show a significant or hypothesis is accepted.

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