An Investigation on the Learners' Perceptions and Experiences in Engaging with Online Writing Lessons Conducted via Google Classroom
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Google classroom, Online writing, Engagement Perception Experience Writing lessons.

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Shelvam, H. ., Jayarajah, K. ., Kandasamy, S., Xiao, S., Durairaj, Y. ., Singh, C. K. S., & Maniam, M. . (2021). An Investigation on the Learners’ Perceptions and Experiences in Engaging with Online Writing Lessons Conducted via Google Classroom. International Journal of Asian Social Science, 12(1), 13–25.


This study aims to examine the learners’ perception and experiences in engaging in writing lesson conducted via Google Classroom among the secondary school learners in Malaysia and China. This study is important for both the teachers and stakeholders to identify the suitable types of writing activities that can be used in a Google classroom platform to motivate the learners to be interested in writing and the ways to solve the problems faced by the learners when it involves writing lesson via e learning. This study focuses on five learners; three learners from Malaysia and two learners from China. This study employed a qualitative approach. The instruments were interview questions and guided logbook journals. The sessions were conducted via Google Meet and the recorded interviews were then transcribed. Hence, researchers used qualitative method to analyse the codes and categories to pen down the findings. As a result, both China and Malaysia learners expressed their affirmative agreement towards their participation in writing classes conducted using Google classroom. Moreover, based on the log book entries, it was discovered that the features embedded in Google classroom platform plays an important role in the teaching and learning process, mainly in submissions and feedbacks. Finally, the learners agree that Google classroom has improved their writing ability to a certain extend. Although the learner faced some hiccups in utilizing this method of e-learning but all participants were affirmative that Google Classroom has instilled confidence and stimulated their motivation to write better essays.
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