Using Wordwall to Improve Students’ Engagement in ESL Classroom
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Digital tool, Students’ engagement, Wordwall, Students’ participation, ESL classroom technology.

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Mazelin, N. ., Maniam, M. ., Jeyaraja, S. S. B., Ng, M. M. ., Xiaoqi, Z. ., & Jingjing, Z. . (2022). Using Wordwall to Improve Students’ Engagement in ESL Classroom. International Journal of Asian Social Science, 12(8), 273–280.


This research was conducted to investigate the use of Wordwall to improve students’ engagement in an ESL classroom. The objectives are to identify the impact of using Wordwall on students’ participation in the ESL classroom and to examine the students’ perception of using Wordwall in the ESL classroom. This study was designed based on a mixed-method research by using quantitative and qualitative data. Twenty-four students from a secondary school in Kuala Nerus, Terengganu participated in this study. The instruments used in data collection include video recording transcription, and survey. The findings revealed that incorporating Wordwall into the classroom has a beneficial impact on the students' participation in class. According to the findings of the study, the implementation of a Wordwall can improve students' understanding of the English language learning process as well as students’ engagement in ESL classrooms. Additionally, the study recommends for bigger sampling size could be used.
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