The effect of visual communication in creating public awareness of sustainable living: A case study in Malaysia
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Perceptual communication, Public attitudes and belief, Sensual communication, Sustainable living, Visual communication, Design management.

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Bakar, M. F. A. ., Pahroraji, M. E. H. M. ., Tan, E. M. M. ., Ramli, I. ., & Talukder, M. . (2023). The effect of visual communication in creating public awareness of sustainable living: A case study in Malaysia. International Journal of Asian Social Science, 13(2), 48–60.


This study explores the effect of visual communication amongst the public in Malaysia towards integrating sustainable living. It is suggested that a proper communication strategy needs to be executed toward public awareness of sustainability. With the current pollution, unmanageable waste, and degradation issues, it is essential to evaluate further and strategise the most efficient way to impact individual perception in integrating sustainable living as part of their lifestyle. Visual communication is considered a powerful tool to distribute information, which needs further evaluation and development to comprehend sustainable living adaptation successfully. This study applied explanatory research by providing quantitative data emphasising the PLS-SEM algorithm to evaluate types of visual communication impact on public attitudes and beliefs. A total of 213 respondents around Malaysia took part in this study, and 188 data were accepted for analysis. The analysis executed bootstrapping methods to allocate the suitable variables that interact with the publics’ intentions. The study found an empirical difference between perceptual and sensual visual communication toward public attitudes and ethical beliefs in integrating sustainable living. This study further discussed the impact of visual communication, the identification of limitations in the analysis, and suggestions for future research in sustainable communication.
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