Plastic waste micro-management towards innovative sustainable living in inspiring art practice
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Art practice, Community engagement, Innovative sustainable living, Micro-managing waste, Participatory research, Plastic waste.

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Bakar, M. F. A. ., Rathi, M. R. M. ., Michael, V. ., Jimel, C. ., Wasli, Z. ., & Bujang, A. . (2023). Plastic waste micro-management towards innovative sustainable living in inspiring art practice. International Journal of Asian Social Science, 13(7), 225–236.


This study explores the integration routine of daily lifestyle towards practising and producing artworks by managing plastic waste. With the current option of managing plastic waste, pollution has increased on land and across the sea and air. Plastic waste management is not a new trend, implemented extensively through innovations and technological developments. Artists need to fully grasp the concept and understand their role in this sustainable era globally through the reviewed literature. Every individual must know their responsibility and what they can do to make a change. This study has performed participatory research in one of the villages in Malaysia to test the proposed conceptual framework of the study. The study found that artists and communities can collaborate to play a significant role in micro-managing plastic waste and implicating societal awareness by extracting the aesthetic value of plastic waste art. This study further discussed and concluded that the impact of integrating innovative sustainable living into modern art practice has its purpose in developing the human lifestyle. An advanced conceptual framework on art practice toward innovative sustainable living will be proposed in this study as an extension of the previously reviewed literature.
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