Special Relativity in Six Dimensions
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Doppler shift, Energy, Field transformation, Mass, Maxwell wave equations, Special relativity, Time dilation, Velocity transformation.

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Unlu, H. . (2022). Special Relativity in Six Dimensions. Journal of Asian Scientific Research, 12(4), 188–217. https://doi.org/10.55493/5003.v12i4.4646


In the four-dimensional spacetime theory of special relativity, the space coordinate is time contracted along the motion, while perpendicular coordinates are invariant and time varies with position. This leads to a velocity transformation valid at speed of light and used in showing invariance electric and magnetic fields which are invariant along x-axis but change occur along y, and z-axes, contrary to the classical electrodynamics. In this work we introduce a new six-dimensional spacetime theory which allows time (position) change of position (time) in three coordinate axes and still satisfy the Lorentz invariance conditions of metric and Maxwell’s wave equations between two frames. We derive a new velocity transformation rule which is valid at any relative speed of massive frames moving with respect to each other. We derived expressions for relativistic mass, energy, Doppler shift, time dilation, length contraction, photon rest mass, and used the conservation of relativistic power to prove that the electric and magnetic fields and consequently, Maxwell wave equations are Lorentz invariant between two massive frames with and without nonzero photon mass in vacuum and materials medium. Calculated photon mass is in excellent agreement with the measured and observed upper bounds of 1.24x10-54 kg and1.75x 10-53 kg, respectively.

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