Vol. 12 No. 4 (2022): In Progress
In Progress


Wan Mukhtar Wan Muda, Noor Azmi Mohd Zainol, Sayuti Ab Ghani, Amnah Saayah Ismail, Rosmiza M Z
The Role of Learning Motivation as a Mediator in the Implementation of the Professional Mukmin Program in MARA Professional College on the Formation of Students ' ‘Insaniah’ Leadership Character
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METUOR DABIRE Amana, OUOBA Boampoundi Helene, GUENNE Samson, ZONGO Sidnooma Veronique, SAMA Hemayoro, TRAORE Renan Ernest
Evaluation of the Bio Protective Value of the Leaves of Sixty Varieties of Taro (Colocasia Esculenta) Cultivated in Burkina Faso
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Hilmi Unlu
Special Relativity in Six Dimensions
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Daniel Brice Nkontcheu Kenko
Effects of Pesticides on Amphibians and Tentative Solutions: Review
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Eteh Desmond Rowland, Abiola Abimbola Lolade, Digha Opaminola Nicholas, Alfred Wilson Opukumo, Francis Omonefe
The Environmental Impact of Shoreline Changes and Land Use/Land Cover Change Detection in the Niger Delta Region using Geospatial Technology
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Onianwah F I, Nwaugo V C, Chikezie-Abba R O, Onajafe J
Microbial Diversity and Degradation of Petroleum Hydrocarbon in Impacted Soils and Water Bodies in Niger Delta Area of Nigeria
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Hasan Mohammed Hamid Agha, Ali Mohammed Saleh, Hadi Hamdi Mahdi, Amjad Abdulhadi Mohammed, Abdulmutalib Alabeed Alkamil Allaq
Overview of Effect of Plastic Waste Pollution on Marine Environment
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Beatrice O Ojiego, Gideon I Ogu, Elizabeth O Ojo, Millicent C Oyekwulu, Zainab Bello
Environmental and Human Health Risks of Lead Accumulation in Soil Samples from Solid Waste Dumpsites within Abuja, Nigeria
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Md. Shohel Khan, Mahmuda Farha
Potable Water Quality Assessment from Local Restaurants: Study from South Central Coastal District of Bangladesh
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