Oberi Okaime and Africanism in Christian Worship: The Musical Perspective
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Multiculturalism, Musical acculturation, Religious worship and Intercultural music.

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Ekong, G. E., & Akpakpan, J. J. (2013). Oberi Okaime and Africanism in Christian Worship: The Musical Perspective. International Journal of Asian Social Science, 3(4), 939–950. Retrieved from https://archive.aessweb.com/index.php/5007/article/view/2467


Music plays a very important role in worship. This is evident in its employment by different religious sects for the enhancement of their worship. From chants to drumming accompanied by dance displays, the worshippers sing praises and worship a supernatural being. However, plurality in human race has led to differing modes of worship among these arrays of races. This has thrown religion as an institution into a state of bewilderment and sometimes leading to intermarriages of different worship styles by some religious settings. In Nigeria, for instance, there have been tendencies by some religious sects to have a juxtaposition of elements from Christian worship and the traditional Nigerian counterparts with music dominating these elements. If music pervades Christian worship and is one of the strongest instruments of transcendence, therefore, its nature and application are so paramount to an extent that they epitomize differing worship modes. This paper seeks to discover African elements in the worship by Oberi Okaime-a Christian Mission in IbionoIbom Local Government Area of AkwaIbom State with special reference to her musical conventions.

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