Business Perspective Brand Tracking of Toyota Corolla Case Study for Pakistan
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Automobiles, Auto industry, Cars, Toyota, Corolla model

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Ahmed, R. . (2013). Business Perspective Brand Tracking of Toyota Corolla Case Study for Pakistan. International Journal of Asian Social Science, 3(4), 930–938. Retrieved from


The purpose of this study was to track brand health of Toyota Corolla in Karachi. The research will study the brand awareness of Toyota Corolla in Karachi and the further it will explore the new dimensions of salient features that Toyota Motors introduced. The findings of our research are as following: There exists a lot of potential in the market for automobiles and Toyota occupies a key position in the industry. We conducted an exploratory research and performed interviews and surveys in Karachi. Our respondent base was 300 people of who were the owners and drivers of Toyota Corolla and other competitor brand of same capacity. We got a positive feedback about the image and brand equity of Toyota Corolla. Based on our questionnaire, about 80% of the respondents claimed that they are aware of Toyota Corolla brand. The conclusions that we make from our findings are that the GLI model is the most luxurious model that respondent perceived from its use. The general preference of the respondents regarding cars is “neutral”. We also got positive results regarding brand recall from the open ended question regarding the tag lines and Toyota logo. The only variant of Toyota model ie Toyota Corolla Diesel or 2.OD Saloon, majority of respondent claimed the awareness of diesel model car. Our research was of high qualitative nature. We provided a much valuable insight with our research analysis that we were endowed with and that has proved to be a very healthy activity for our acumen and has added value to our experience.

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