The duality of cohesion and coherence in Ibn Zurayq's poem "Do Not Reproach Him"
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Coherence, Cohesion, Discourse analysis, Do not reproach him, Ibn Zurayq Al-Baghdadi.

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Al-Thunebat, S. ., AL-Masarwah, T. I. ., & Almazaidah, I. S. . (2024). The duality of cohesion and coherence in Ibn Zurayq’s poem "Do Not Reproach Him". International Journal of English Language and Literature Studies, 13(2), 227–239.


This research conducts an in-depth examination of discourse analysis tools specifically cohesion and coherence within the poem "Do Not Reproach Him" by the Baghdadi poet Ibn Zurayq. The research highlights five essential tools such as references, substitution, deletion, conjunction and lexical cohesion while focusing on the concept of cohesion to examine the nuances of textual utterance. Additionally, it integrates coherence theory focusing on elements such as overall structure, titling, background knowledge, intentional title and suggestiveness and adherence to contextual interpretation and context. The results highlight a significant lack of coherent features in the poem particularly the complete lack of proper nouns. Nevertheless, various cohesion strategies assist in achieving a level of textual cohesion and semantic consistency that is considered acceptable. This is facilitated through interpretation that supports the overall harmony of the poem. According to the study, the poet was often dispersed and unbalanced which made the audience sympathetic when they read the poem. Remarkably, this sentiment endures over time, persisting long after the composition of the poem. The study underscores the enduring impact of the poet's portrayal of dispersion and imbalance resonating with readers through the years and offering valuable insights into the lasting emotional and textual resonance of poetic compositions.
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