Behind Advertising: The Language of Persuasion
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Advertising, Persuasion, Persuasive advertising and Advertising appeal.

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S. A, K. ., Asemah, E. S., & Edegoh, L. O. (2013). Behind Advertising: The Language of Persuasion. International Journal of Asian Social Science, 3(4), 951–959. Retrieved from


Advertising is a force that makes it possible to sell more merchandise due to its persuasive nature. As a tool of marketing communication, advertising is the structured and composed, non-personal communication of information. It is usually paid for and usually persuasive in nature. The language of persuasion is employed for successful advertising campaign thereby, boosting patronage of idea, product or service. The persuasive nature of advertising however, has generated criticisms and controversies. Advertising has been vigorously attacked on the ground that it is unnecessary and wasteful and that through it, people are induced to buy worthless products. It is further argued by the objectors that much advertising is misleading and untruthful. Thus, this paper examines how consumers can be persuaded to patronise goods and services advertised.

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