Inclusion of English for specific purposes in high school tracks: A Saudi context
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English for academic purposes, English for general purposes, English for specific purposes, High school track, Pedagogical environment, Teaching approaches curricula.

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Albesher, K. B. . . (2023). Inclusion of English for specific purposes in high school tracks: A Saudi context. International Journal of English Language and Literature Studies, 12(4), 342–357.


English for specific purposes was created to meet the needs of a language for the purpose of carrying out all growing businesses and occupational functions, as well as accessing all kinds of scientific knowledge. The current study looks at the possibility of including an English for Specific Purposes (henceforth ESP) course in high school tracks. It also looks into factors such as the outcomes of ESP-trained general English instructors, appropriate materials and skills for teaching ESP, the pedagogical environment and teaching approaches of ESP, as well as the future of general English as ESP becomes more common. Through an eleven-item Likert scale survey and structured interviews conducted with four English language teachers, 135 English foreign language teachers were surveyed, and quantitative and qualitative data were collected. According to most participants, the inclusion of ESP in high school tracks will provide students with the vocabulary and structure they need to succeed in college. While ESP is considered an extension of general English (henceforth GE), its pedagogical environment and teaching approach differ, which means teachers should be trained in science, medical terms, and pedagogical aspects of ESP instruction to motivate their students and make them more enthusiastic about the subjects they will study in professional colleges after they have completed high school.
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