ESP Creative Writing from Engineering Students’ Perspectives: A Case Study
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Creative writing, Creativity, English for specific purposes, Foreign language, Language learning, Perceptions, Writing.

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Alkhaldi, A. A. ., Ozdemir, E. A. ., & Alhasan, R. F. . (2022). ESP Creative Writing from Engineering Students’ Perspectives: A Case Study. International Journal of English Language and Literature Studies, 11(3), 136–146.


Creative Writing (CW) is an important skill that helps students achieve progress in learning English as a Foreign Language (FL). It also helps them improve fluency, motivation, confidence, and creativity. However, most English for Specific Purposes (ESP) courses focus on technical English, and CW is under-utilized as a skill to practise. As a result, this study examines university students’ perceptions of ESP CW to improve the learning process and enhance its quality. This study used a qualitative research method and interviewed twenty engineering students from Abu Dhabi. The findings demonstrated that creativity needs to be developed in ESP courses by reading and writing, while extracurricular linguistic activities should also be considered to promote CW. In addition, students also need to be well motivated and should think in a FL when they practice the writing process. They need to be encouraged to think creatively in a logical way rather than relying on memorization. Finally, this study recommends developing CW activities in ESP courses and encouraging students to practise CW inside and outside the classroom to improve the quality of FL learning and creativity for lifelong academic and employment purposes.
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